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Gene Luen Yang, Boxers and Saints, is a perfect read for any age, due to the amazing illustrations and dialogue of this graphic novel it makes it a great book for young and adult readers. The text itself does a great job at explaining the events leading up to the Boxer Rebellion. The author does this by showing two different standpoints which are, the Boxers perspective and the Christians. The approach itself provides the reader with a general overview, and while Yang tries to show both sides of the conflict, he tends to lean more towards the Christian view, due to the authors focus of violence by these Boxers. Yang also, covers the Boxer mythology with as much clarity as he can knowing that his audience level is most likely casual readers. In addition, Yangs use of images and modern text provides readers with a deep understanding of the violence in these events. Overall, Boxers and Saints is impacting at conveying the events surrounding the Boxer Rebellion in an understandable way that keeps a fun style. With Yangs stunning images and dialogue this makes it a book perfect for any reader. Readers will also, be able to understand the Boxers as mythical figures and be able to view the violence and racism in Chinese history.

Yang, Gene Luen. Boxers. New York: Roaring Book Press, 2013.

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